Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is the game for Android and iOS device, it is the latest craze to grab the monster as many as you can. It is a free game for Android and iOS device, it uses GPS to combine augmented reality with your real location to show you the monsters in your surroundings, it can be your college campus, your playground, garden or even you can find those monsters in your local supermarket.  When you grab them, you can train them and pit them against another player.

When you are playing the game and you need to spend real money on any app purchase, then you need to download Pokemon go through TutuApp. TutuApp is the app store that allows you download any paid apps free that means without spending any money, that is the benefit of using TutuApp, you can get any modified games, apps including Pokemon go for free.

TutuApp Pokemon Go:

We are going to show you how to download Pokemon Go on both iOS and Android devices before that get the glimpse of some of the benefits.

  • The modified Pokemon Go lets you access it with a new set of menu options and let you modify the game settings and navigate through the app on your screen without moving an inch in your real world.
  • When you are walking,  driving, cycling you can customize the speed if you get the warning that you shouldn’t be playing the game while driving you can choose the passenger option as well.

  • You can set a specific destination, you will be notified if you see any Pokemon on the way, you can hunt the Pokemon as well. Even the tools within the game will tell you for which Pokemon you should go first.

Download Pokemon Go on TutuApp:

To download modified Pokemon Go you should Download TutuApp first, instructions to download it on your Android or iOS device is given to the link.

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